Nature and Spirit Artist

Nature is a general term for everything. Human nature, the nature of the earth, the kingdom of “living” and “non-living” things, the laws of nature, all hint to a unified something which can only be experience and realized. We come onto this earth and we begin to study the nature of things, our life, our actions, thoughts, feeling, our perceptions, conditions, and work hard at trying to make sense of it all in a cohesive way. Then there is Sprit, which is just as much a term which alludes to something which is inherent in all things. The Spirit of Nature, spirit of man, joyous spirit, spirit of God, are all manifestation of the same thing we call nature. The spirit of art is the spirit of creation is the spirit of nature.

In art, spirit is the most important thing. From a philosophical perspective, there is nothing but the spirit, so the role of the artist is to acknowledge this fact from which he cannot escape and harmonize the spirit into a manifestation which is called artwork. Depicting nature scenes can technically include anything imaginable, for everything is nature and everything is spirit, but when human expectations are concerned and the problem of communication is at hand then nature become a specific set of natural phenomena which we associate with animals and plants, landscapes, sunsets, and waterfalls. When we say spirit we usually mean something transcendental, something we cannot see but know is there, a subtler essence of a substance. When making art about spirit we could expect to see symbolism which alludes to spiritual concepts, or we could portray beams of light coming down from the sky illuminating the darkness beneath. The most important thing to remember is that no matter where the mind travels, the nature of your experience is fundamentally a piece of spiritual artwork, depicting an infinite variety of possibilities, including fear, pleasure, pain, and passion, inspiration, and depression, anger and love. Such is the Nature of Spirit and the Spirit of Nature.

Nature and Spirit

Find the essence of all the you feel
and all will be obvious, blatantly clear.
Nature and Spirit, a dance of creation,
There is no duality, no separation.
Spirit gives feeling to nature’s providing
Its all instantaneous there is no deciding.
You sing your own song through all things you claim,
All trembling vibrations testify to your fame.
As I search for Spirit, Nature I find
An ever new movement of only one kind.
I find you in Spirit I know you in me
Your Nature is Oneness as I am in Thee.