Nikita Krivoshey

Everything metaphysical describes something which is beyond physics. Metaphysics essentially describes the human mind from an experiential perspective rather then a theoretical physics perspective. It is one thing to study science (physics) with the intention to achieve a particular phenomenal result, but to study science with the intention of understanding the ultimate truth of things, is a completely different ordeal, one which is a thousands of times more difficult. In Metaphysics we are faced with a mental reality which we cannot deny. We experience dreams and imagination, we have the capacity for communication, thoughts and perception. It is relatively easy to accept these things true, but another much more powerful force shatters all our hopes for acceptance, of simplicity, and knowledge of reality. This is the force of reason, intelligence, and understanding. We are left with two worlds which never seem to come together. There is the universe which we experience and there is the perceiver of this universe. The perceiver seems to be within the universe and beyond it. Everything which is beyond we have termed metaphysics. Yet metaphysical reality seems to determine our perception of the physical reality, and sometimes it even seems as if there is nothing which is physical, but instead all is a manifestation of our own metaphysical creation.

Inevitably metaphysics gives rise to philosophy and spirituality. We are forced to make sense of a million self created concepts which can often stand for a great number of different things. We are faced with time and history. In the process of making sense of things we form beliefs and faiths, sometimes as rigid as a rock and other times as flexible as water. All the confusion overwhelms our attention, and we forget to live in the moment. We forget that all our weight can be released and the world experienced afresh.

Sometimes, a moment arises when the world seems to stop, and there is a great silence. And out of this silent comes a magnificent peace and joy, and it speaks to us in a language unlike any other, a language of instantaneous knowing. We feel together with such a wonderful truth, that nothing could be more obvious or fundamental.

Art is always an expression of the metaphysical into a physical realm. Art is creation out of the depths of our own nature. Nothing could prevent this nature from coming out. An Artist feels that without art his power is withdrawn from himself.

The Metaphysician

In my own imagination,
Wherever I look,
I see the art of formation.

I love it, I breath it,
I Remember I made it.

I am art myself and I create art too,
I create many versions of myself
And also of you.

There’s a game to be played,
Where I play all the roles,
For this I created metaphysical souls.

All art comes out of a central source
The most primal, essential, encompassing force.