Joy Meditation

Joy Meditation is a systematic process of spiritual growth. I have found it to be the most worthy guide and reference point through all types of worldly trials. Many people find that after a long search for something awesome from a particular religious path they are still left unsatisfied and unconvinced of anything. Here, I want to share with you the essence of what it truly takes to find spiritual fulfillment. Whatever your path and faith may be, Joy Meditation is a technique to clear confusion, bring sobriety and love into you life over time. Joy Meditation is a way to face the uncertainty of life with courage and learn to overcome blindness of truth one meditation at a time. The truth will unfold only when your need for it is great enough, and no substitute will satisfy your hunger for it. Joy Meditation is not for those who wish to gain spiritual powers, find success from material things, or romantic sensual pleasures, as these things are only stumbling blocks along the path. Joy Meditation is only for those who wish to discover true spirituality for themselves once and for all. A person becomes spiritual out of necessity and not by choice. Necessity arises when we begin to sense that there is a mystery in our life and which somehow is beginning to take over reality. The search for a solution starts in our subconscious depths and manifests itself in our life as an emotional and intellectual state of lack or emptiness which keeps growing until one has no choice but to acknowledge it and begin to build an entire life around it. Spirituality has nothing to do any particular set of rules, moral principles, actions, or values. Spirituality is a process through which one discovers the true nature of THAT which IS, and as a side effect, simultaneously becomes liberated from ignorance and suffering, caused by blind associations.

The Technique

The technique of Joy Meditation is very simple, but your success will be determined not by the technique itself but by your determination. If you are willing to die in order to discover the truth, then you will know it within this lifetime. Otherwise, you will continue to suffer until death is forced upon you.
1. Find a spot where you can remain motionless for a long period of time without falling asleep.

2. Assume a posture which allows you to be relaxed and yet alert. (Note: A straight upright spine is very helpful for remaining alert.)

3. Ask yourself “What am I?” and listen with your ears without associating. When you find that you have become distracted, start again, with a calm and quiet mind. It makes no difference if you get distracted, as long as you keep coming back, as soon as you become aware again.

Ask the questions again, except this time observe your senses without associating. Observe the pure sensations of your body without visualizing you body. Scan yourself from top to bottom, bottom to top, side to side, and always remain attentively. Repeat.

Ask the questions again, this time keep the eyes open and become aware of looking without associating. Do not name, pick or choose objects within your field of vision. There is only perception. Perceive without association. (Note: if this is hard, stick to listening and feeling for a few months or until you can look without associating.)
4. Repeat step 3 until you have reached your limit. (At least 30 minutes twice a day, once in the morning and once at night is recommended)

The Heart, the Intuition, and the Need

When you are motivated and strong, you will be able to concentrate much longer and persistently then when you are unmotivated. Eventually you will lose your motivation. Do not become upset and call yourself a failure or a quitter. It makes no difference if you are motivated or not, as long as you maintain the practice until it has fulfilled its purpose. Be honest with yourself. Have you found what you were looking for? Your spiritual practice will make life more and more miserable until you have an experience of complete surrender. This is equivalent to death. You will feel and believe that you are dying. Do not be afraid. You have to overcome the fear of death. If you succeed, then you will be reborn, you will come to senses, and recover. And you will start afresh like a little child.

(Note: As you will discover yourself, this kind of death is not the end of the spiritual path.) Continue to practice. Every death brings you closer to liberation. Your associations are your greatest obstacles. These exercises will clear your associations.

Eventually a time will come when you will be able to meditate anywhere and anytime, until you never leave your meditation. You will interact with the world in a meditative state, as dead as you are alive. You will be joyful and have a wonderful sense of humor. You will no longer be serious inside, because the whole existence will have become the funniest, cruelest, and most kind phenomena in the world.

The Joy

Joy Meditation allows a person to become more humble by destroying ignorance of the ego self. Bliss is experienced when you find yourself in love with nothingness, when you surrender to single-pointedness. You will know complete and everlasting joy when your death becomes your greatest friend. (Note: Many year may be required for you to become liberated, but consistent practice is the key.)

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