Ordering & Commissions

Ordering Commissioned Artwork

You can order artwork or murals to be customized specifically for you. Nikita has been commissioned to create portraits and illustrations for a variety of purposes.

Ordering a commission is easy. If you know what you want already simply write Nikita an email with a description of your proposal.



Prices can be agreed upon before the project begins or they will be priced depending on the material expenses and the time it takes to complete the piece.

Illustration and Thematic Art

You can request to have artwork made depicting anything you want for illustration or simply decorative purposes. All Art will be made Nikita's original style and interpretation of the assignment.


Murals are priced depending on image complexity and size of the wall space.


A Standard Size 18” x 24”, Oil on Canvas, from the waist up Portrait, will cost from $1000-$1500 depending on details. Prices are NEGOTIABLE.

Media and Surface

Nikita can work comfortably with a variety of different media, including Oil, Acrylic, Gouache, Charcoal, Neocolor Crayons, India Ink, colored pencils, and colored markers and pens.

Commissioned artwork can be ordered on the surface of your choice. Popular surface options are Cotton Canvas, Linen Canvas, paper, and Wood Board.