Artist Statement


To make artwork relying on intuitive urges, to enlighten subconscious patterns of mind, in its free state. To allow the human spirit to manifest, unrestricted by intellect, social mores, rights and wrongs, reasoning and logic. To rely on pure aesthetic preferences of color, optical illusion of shape, and association-based shape recognition principles.

Use any combination of appropriate media to achieve un-predetermined results. Visualize in combination with drawing from representation from self sculpted Plasteline objects, bodies.

I use 2d and 3d forms for the purpose of making 2d drawings on paper, as manifested by the spirit.


Concepts are non-existent objects of the mind. They are metaphysical construct combinations of senses and associations. The results are infinitely vast. Concepts are also always changing in relation to different contexts. The entire metaphysical structure of the mind is incredibly fluid, creative and destructive, and utterly unpredictable. I cannot escape from these facts, or from the nature of my own mind. My mind is fluid and unpredictable and this is what will be portrayed. To put a technical term on this, I could say that I depict archetypal visions, in new ways. The blurriness between the real and the unreal, absolutes, multiplicities, and singularities.


To express the inevitable expression which cannot be avoided. I am the art maker. I create art as it is. The viewer sees him or herself in it. My artwork is an infinite mirror for all of creation. Whoever looks at my art, will see only themselves, they will see God. I make art to show you God, to show you yourself, myself.

An analysis of purpose is subjective. For me, the purpose is to fulfill the unavoidable and the unpredictable. There is no higher purpose, because this is the ultimate goal, and there is no lower purpose because there is no goal or purpose to begin with.