Nikita Krivoshey

Call it metaphysics, science, philosophy, reality, myth, or complete and utter nonsense either way this is total truth.

Awareness travels instantaneously through an instantaneous field of full awareness (god) call it ether. This is what ether is - A perfect self aware fabric of infinite dimensions.

Further implications of this knowledge reveal that if one were to remain in this state of awareness, and actually become fully self aware, then with “intent”, one could disappear or reappear instantly at any moment, and with the totality of oneself, reappear in another place, or in multiple places at the same time. This would be a state of being one with god, or achieving a state of totality of oneself. To learn to master this intent is the purpose of sages, yogis, and holy men.

All emotions are tied into this one truth, and manifest themselves at random until the inner eye becomes aware of itself.

Our biological system is built in such a way which enables it to channel energy into our systems when we are asleep, and expend this energy during the day if we are not aware of its source. But, If were are aware of its source (constantly) then we would never lose any of that energy.